What is this?

Snatch! is an online version of the Anagrams game where you can play with friends or against a bot.

Word List

This game uses the NASPA Word List 2018 © NASPA 2018. The copy included in this app is licensed for personal use. You may not use it for any commercial purposes.

Contact Us

If you have feedback about how we can make this better, email us at snatch(at)jay.vg!

Change Log

2020/11/26 - v1.5
    End now button
2020/05/20 - v1.4
    Update definitions to use official NAPSA dictionary.
    Show word extensions after the game.
    Adding "about" page.
2020/04/18 - v1.3
    Show move history.
    Carry options from last game.
2020/03/20 - v1.2
    Adding partial definitions.
    An old game code with bring a player to the current game.
2020/03/17 - v1.1
    Adding "rearrange" game mode.
    Updated to NWL18
2018/01/12 - v1.0
    Minor UX fixes.
    Server is made more robust.
2018/01/06 - v0.9
    Added game length option
    Tweaks to bot difficulties.
2018/01/05 - v0.8
    Added tutorial.
    Improved custom keyboard on mobile.
    Fixed minor bugs in connections.
2017/12/30 - v0.7
    Initial Release.